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Omar Clark

Omar Clark returned to Eastern Kentucky University to complete the bachelor’s degree he started almost 30 years ago. He now lives in Washington D.C. and is completing his degree 100% online. He recently shared his thoughts about his EKU Online experience.

How has earning this degree changed or aided your career?

I haven’t earned the degree yet.  But returning to EKU has changed my entire outlook on the possibilities available because of the degree(s).

What motivated you to get this degree?

I hadn’t realized that I was so close to finishing my degree 30 years ago. I missed a few opportunities to earn a master’s degree with free tuition.  And finally, someone close to me made a condescending remark to me about not finishing my degree.  So, I went to EKU’s website to see the possibilities, saw a video on the general studies online degree program and went through the steps to reach a goal I never had before.

What is your favorite part or the highlight of your time as an EKU student?

My favorite part as an online student is that I can get my education while I work a sometimes 40+ hour week. When I was at EKU before, there was no Internet, no Blackboard, no online program.  Back then, I never heard of general studies or liberal arts at EKU.  Now this program exists and it suits me just fine.

How did the EKU Online faculty aid in your success?

PATIENCE!  It isn’t always easy for me to navigate the nuances of technology and school. But the faculty have been patient with those of us who aren’t tech savvy.  The faculty are reachable to assist with everything.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to become an EKU Online student?

Don’t give up on completing your degree.  Don’t be overwhelmed. There’s more help than you realize.  Let the advances of this time work for you.  Take your time with the journey.  You will gain/earn what can never be taken away from you and will change your life for the better.

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