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As a student who has been observing the social work field the last year, I have taken note of several things about the helping profession. I have noticed an extremely high demand for social workers, which has put an emotional and physical strain on existing social workers. Current social workers are underpaid and overworked. So, why do social workers not receive the credit they deserve?

Social Work Is More Than Just Child Services

Social workers do more than just remove children from unsafe living environments. Those in the profession help clients locate resources, receive therapy, receive benefits, help parents get back on their feet, help people get sober, or even just talk with them when they need advice. They do many things to help others but rarely receive credit for their work and do not make nearly enough for the situations their profession puts them in.

Social Work Can Be Mentally & Emotionally Taxing

Many of the social workers in the agencies I have worked in have to enroll in therapy for the things they see in their career. They are overworked and must put in countless hours to help clients in their time of need. This leads to burn out and being mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. Practicing self-care in this profession is of the utmost importance because the job can take a lot out of you. According to the article, Why Self-Care is Vital for Social Service Professionals, “Burnout can feel all encompassing, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice your own well-being for the health of your career.” (2021)

How Can We Help The Helping Profession

In conclusion, the question remains as to what we can do to help social workers receive the credit they deserve. But we can make sure they are taken care of mentally and physically in each agency. The importance of social workers in every community is essential to that community’s success and safety. We must find a way to support social workers and grow the social work field. What will you do to support your local social workers?

By: Laiken K. House, EKU Online BSW Student

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