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How many times per day do you use technology? The number is staggering. Living in a technology focused world, many of our everyday activities are competed digitally. From employment opportunities based at home to placing an online grocery order, almost everything can be done via the internet. Now, with the implementation of remote mental health services, or telehealth, the services of a social worker are now included. 

By allowing clients to schedule telehealth visits with a social worker outside of normal business hours, agencies are broadening coverage for clients and offering services to those who may not have time to leave work and come into an office setting (Erreger, 2021, p.26).

Teens are seeing a huge benefit from telehealth services. Social workers are helping teenage clients by organizing their virtual learning space with telehealth, illustrating how direct skills can be taught via and practiced by technology. With a population that prefers electronic communication, this is instrumental in connecting with more clients.

Worried about the quality of services received during telehealth visits? The National Association of Social Workers addresses this concern in their standard 1.03 (g) which says social workers who use technology to provide social work services should assess the clients’ suitability and capacity for electronic services (National Association of Social Workers, 2017). This essentially means if the professional feels the benefits of services are not fully being provided electronically, the social worker will identify alternative methods of service.

Telehealth isn’t the only option, it is an alternative. In a technology-based world, social workers are evolving their methods of connecting with clients. Telehealth is one of the tools that is allowing this to happen.

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By: Jamie Deaton, EKU social work student


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