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EKU’s 100% online social work degrees provide students with the strong foundation needed to become ethical, culturally inclusive leaders ready to build on human and social assets in a changing world. EKU’s social work programs are real-world focused, providing the skills needed to strengthen your community and positively impact the lives of individuals and families. EKU’s flexible online format is designed with working adults in mind. Students are able to pursue their dreams while still fulfilling their personal and professional obligations. And EKU’s faculty and staff are there to support them every step of the way. 

Here are a few reasons why some of our students chose to study social work at EKU:

Help & Support Others

“I want to support people through some of their darkest times, help them find glimmers of light. I want to guide people toward healthy choices and habits and give them all the tools they’ll need, so they can learn how to pull themselves out of their darkness.”

–  Katelinde, MSW student

“I chose social work because I enjoy helping others and solving problems. I CAN change the world by helping one person at a time. “

–  April, BSW student

Online, But Not Alone

“I chose to major in Social Work because I want to help people that come from hard places. Having experienced many tragedies myself, I feel like this degree will equip me to help others transform their lives in a positive way. EKU’s online program has been a great fit for me as a single, work at home mom. It has allowed me to complete my assignments on my own schedule, giving me the freedom to focus on my children and work as well. The discussion board assignments provide a sense of community that would otherwise be missing in an online degree environment. I am thankful for EKU and their kind staff as I work to achieve my goals! “

–  Nikki, BSW student

Advocate for Those Who Need It Most

“Social work is a longstanding profession that embodies advocacy at the very root of its mission. I chose to enroll in EKU’s Social Work Program because I wanted to study a field that not only challenged me but aimed to instill in me the fundamentals needed to bring about such change while learning everything I can about the diversity of the human experience. “

–  Ihyan, BSW student

EKU Cares About Students

“I chose Eastern Kentucky MSW because I went to school at Eastern for Undergraduate. The experience and leadership I witnessed has been unmatched. Also, it is where I started my journey and connected me to my biological roots. Ultimately, it led me to my career in social work, so it was only right for me to continue my education there. “

– Alexandria, MSW student

“I chose EKU because of their CSWE accredited, 100% online Bachelor of Social Work program. EKU never fails to show that they genuinely care about me and my education!”

– Courtney, BSW student

Supportive, Caring Advisors

“I applied to 3 Social Work programs, and I was accepted into all three of them. I decided on EKU because of Laquanda Miller. From the very beginning, Laquanda was supportive, helpful, and genuine. Laquanda’s personality and spirit made EKU an easy choice. Traveling through life, we encounter a lot of people. Those people can make our lives more complicated or more meaningful. I figured that if everyone at EKU was as welcoming and caring as Laquanda, then this college journey would be successful and enjoyable. “

– Lathan, BSW student

Flexible, 100% Online Program

“I chose the online BSW program at EKU because it provides the flexibility I need to get my dream degree while I work full time in the Air Force! I cannot wait to finish this degree and begin my career as a social worker! “

–  Elizabeth, BSW student

“I am a Senior in EKU’s Online Social Work Program. I chose Eastern because I needed a program that allowed me to be online only. I am a mother to a toddler and I also work full-time to pay the bills. If I had to commute two hours to classes, I wouldn’t be able to continue my education. I am so thankful for this program because it has allowed me to grow so much as a person and make a life-long friend that encourages me through each assignment.”

–  Caidee, BSW student

“I chose EKU’s online social work program for the flexibility and the quality. EKU’s online social work program has the accreditations I need for a career in social work after graduation. The courses and hours allow me to earn my degree as I work and raise my family.” 

–  Megan, BSW student

“I have always wanted to finish my degree, but it was not until I had gained a few experiences over the years that I knew what I was meant to do.  Now that I have figured it out, I am so thankful to have found Eastern Kentucky University’s Online BSW program.  This program allowed me to work full time and still be an “on-the-go” mom to both my children.  It is because of this program; in May 2022, I will be completing a lifelong dream and become a first-generation college graduate.”  

–  Ashley, BSW student

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