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A master of public health (MPH) degree can open the door to quality high paying job opportunities and experiences. There is a high demand for public health professionals in the workforce, with regional, national, and international organizations devoted to public health. With an advanced degree in public health, knowledge, and experience, it can open the right door to better leadership roles, and state, and federal job opportunities.

There are many benefits of pursuing an MPH degree, including:


Regardless of what your bachelor’s degree is in, you can get a degree in public health and start a rewarding new career that allows you to help prevent diseases and promote healthy lifestyles. There are many jobs in the public health field including advisor, epidemiologist, clinical research coordinator, health educator, harm reduction coordination, nutritionist, biostatistician, prevention specialist, and more.

Job security

Public health jobs are always in high demand, and this is a good thing. Many positions often require knowledge of policies and procedures pertaining to an organization or governmental system. Public health is a field that ensures job security in the long run.

Career longevity

A career in public health has longevity due to the continuous need for this sector in the world. As a society, health and safety continue to be a priority in the public health field and professionals are needed to help promote healthy options.

Diverse coursework

Public health work has many opportunities that benefit the public community by branching into multiple fields such as dieticians, nutritionists, behavioral health, and more.

Travel opportunities

Public health professionals are known to travel around the country due to their profession. Understanding public health on a global level is how we can take action to improve promote health equity around the world.

Promote preventative care

Public health professionals always have new ways to spread information and awareness about ways to prevent the spread of disease. It is the duty of public health professionals to promote and protect the health of the community.

Work in various sectors at the forefront of research

The opportunity to work with the government, private, and nonprofit sectors. There are options to explore medicine, public policy, social work, statistics, sciences, and other closely related fields. Being a public health professional allows you to have access to multitudes of analytical information and research. The versatility is important to gain better insight and increase outreach initiatives in the community.

Become a Change-Maker

An MPH degree is best for individuals that want to be change-makers and improve population health. The mission of public health is to protect health and improve the quality of life for all individuals. An MPH degree is a steppingstone toward making a continued difference in people’s lives. It is a rewarding advanced degree that has a great reputation for job longevity, endless opportunities, and the ability to work in multidisciplinary sectors.

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