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Since my graduation from the master of public administration program at Eastern Kentucky University, I have enjoyed a successful career as a public administration professional. I consider earning my MPA degree an important component of my success. The MPA program helped me cultivate skills that have aided me in my current and previous jobs. The program provided valuable research skills including analyzing data, writing reports, and formulating research questions. In my line of work, which has included workforce development, economic development, and higher education these research skills have served me well.

The program has also given me the ability to transition seamlessly from one job to the next. Thanks to coursework in human resource management, ethics, organizational theory, and public sector leadership, I have been able to adapt and become part of the public institutions I have worked with.

I was also able to form valuable relationships with MPA professors. While completing the program, professors actively went above and beyond helping me with coursework and advising me on what I could do with an MPA degree. For example, I was encouraged to submit an essay I had written for an exam for publication in an academic journal by a professor. Thanks to her encouragement, my essay was published a few months later. Since I have graduated, professors have stayed in touch, offered encouragement, and served as valuable job references.

EKU opened so many opportunities for me and allowed me to form an important lifelong connection with the institution. After graduation, I was able to connect with lots of EKU graduates in the central Kentucky area. More than any public university in Kentucky, EKU graduates stay in Kentucky and start their professional careers. I am proud to be part of that group and represent EKU everyday with the professional excellence I seek to perform in my career.

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By: Luke Morgan, EKU master of public administration graduate

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