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The interdisciplinary nature of a political science degree prepares students for an array of options and different career paths. Few degrees have the broad applicability inherent in a political science program. Therefore making this comprehensive degree ideal for preparing to take on public sector, private sector, or nonprofit work. It also prepares students for postgraduate education.

Public Sector Prospects

Within the public sector, those with a political science degree are often recruited for positions such as legislative assistants, research analysts, and public relations specialists, among many others. If you are interested in politics, political candidates often look for help in their campaigns. Particularly, at the state level, graduates can find many such opportunities. With surveys showing an increase in government job vacancies and the issue of an aging labor force, the public sector is becoming very promising for political science graduates.

Private Sector Opportunities

Skills developed within a political science program, such as research and writing, quantitative research, and communication skills, also prepare graduates for a broad palette of private sector ventures. Similarly, like the public sector, recent grads may find positions as public relations specialists for private companies. Other potential options include market analysts, legal assistants, lobbyists, and many more. The career paths within the private sector are vast and varied for political science graduates.

Nonprofit Work

The nonprofit pathway is also very promising. Nonprofits are often looking for recent graduates to work as research, data, or performance analysts, administrative specialists, or other general staff. Nonprofits offer a great career path for those who feel strongly about certain issues represented by such an organization.

Postgraduate Opportunities

For those students who are aiming for postgraduate degrees or other advanced education or training, the political science degree offers an attractive start. This degree is a clear candidate for those interested in graduate degrees in political science, public administration, international relations, or global security. In addition, this degree offers an excellent start for those with their sights set on law school following graduation. The work completed in the political science degree informs potential law students of the inner workings of government, including the study of the Constitution and the U.S. court system.

In conclusion, the skills developed in a political science program are universally needed across all sectors, giving graduates many options. Thus, graduates offering an appealing degree to employers also promotes career fluidity for those eager for diverse experiences.

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By: Salem Thomas, EKU Graduate Assistant

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