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After earning a degree in political science, one of the first questions new graduates ask themselves is what sort of careers are available as a comfortable entry into the field. As a result, one of the largest preconceptions that new graduates have is that political science careers are mostly limited to state and local government or law positions. The reality is the opposite, as there are a wide range of interesting and fulfilling careers available for new graduates that do not fall into these two governmental categories. The purpose of this brief discussion is to give examples of interesting, and unique positions a new political science graduate may look into, including government/law positions, but also encompassing those positions that may fall out of this traditional path.

The traditional road of government and law

First stepping foot into the wide world of political science, two immediate careers a graduate could consider are those in the more traditional fields, this is government and law work. An example of a position in the field of government is Public Policy Specialist, where a graduate could expect to review, analyze and draft policy based on a certain set of criteria. Law is also a common option, with careers as a paralegal or attorney common amongst political science graduates.

Stepping outside the box

If you’re looking for a career that is a bit more expansive than the more traditional paths, there are a variety of options a political science graduate could look into. One option is going into media, which includes a wide variety of different positions, including political commentators. This position allows for nuanced discussion on political matters, balancing information and personal opinion.

The private sector also offers a variety of positions well suited to graduates. A good private sector position to consider is research specialist, in which you conduct research, analyze data and produce reports for private corporations, all of which are skills adopted and learned through the EKU Political Science program.

Finally, an aspiring political science graduate could also pursue a career in education. While advanced graduate education is typically required, many districts may allow you to work while completing graduate requirements.

Whether you are interested in traditional or non-traditional career paths, you will find numerous fulfilling career opportunities as a political science graduate.

By: Rider Cveticanin, EKU graduate student

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