How a Political Science Degree can Help You Start Your Journey into Local Politics

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In today’s world, people are exposed to many forms of social injustices. Examples include gun violence, police reform, attacks on civil rights, and wealth distribution. To bring about real change in our society, it is important to become an informed and involved citizen.

Many times, these changes start at the local level. Getting involved with local politics provides the opportunity to use public service to make a real difference in our world. Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) has many outstanding programs and courses that can provide a blueprint on how to begin your journey as a public servant with an entry into local politics.

Identify your goals

First, determine what issues you are passionate about and what changes you would like to see happen. This is where it is crucial to be a well-informed citizen and know all the facts. At EKU, different courses will help broaden your understanding and provide you with the evidence to support your overall goals.

Get involved

Next, it is important to get involved with your local community. One way to get involved is by attending city council meetings and volunteering for local organizations. You can also meet with local political parties and build relationships with the people who can support a campaign. It is vital for you to build a network of supporters. One wonderful way to earn campaign experience is by being an intern. This allows you to experience what goes on behind the scenes in a campaign. It also provides an opportunity to work with others, building interpersonal and communication skills.

A degree from EKU can be a massive benefit when making the decision to enter local politics.  Not only can you build on your communications skills, but you start a path of networking to meet others who share in your passion and goals. The political science and public administration programs at EKU provide an understanding of all sides of social issues we face, teach how to discern the facts, and build research that is based on evidence. Graduates of the program become informed citizens who understand the need for local involvement and how our state and federal governments work.

If there is something in our society that you would like to see change, the first thing you must do is act.

By: Sam Dykes, EKU Graduate Student

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