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What is E-Discovery?

A growing number of entry-level paralegal careers are focusing on working in the area of e-discovery. E-discovery takes many forms, but almost always involves the review, classification, and organization of a large number of electronic documents. Corporations, small businesses, and even individuals these days create an enormous number of electronic documents from emails, advertisements, social media posts, and texts. In litigation as well as several transactional settings such as business formation, the organization and review of electronic documents can be a monumental task.  Lawyers, often solely providing high-level, hands-off supervision of such document review, now require paralegals who can successfully navigate an online space, using their accumulated skills for digital investigations, criminal proceedings, civil litigation, and transactional settings.

How does EKU prepare paralegal students for a career?

Eastern Kentucky University paralegal program graduates are educated in all aspects of the profession and are well positioned to take on careers involving e-discovery. EKU paralegal program students complete coursework in litigation skills and discovery. This includes all forms of discovery documents described in federal and state civil codes of procedure. They also complete coursework in all pertinent legal office software and federal court filing procedures. This combination of coursework in both theoretical and practical aspects of discovery is a powerful combination in the legal field. Many students also complete an internship, which provides further practical experience in the e-discovery realm. A resume describing the combination of these educational experiences allows new graduates to easily leverage their paralegal degree into a career in this ever-expanding and exciting field.

What to consider when searching for a job as a paralegal

Graduates of EKU’s paralegal program have a world of career opportunities. At times, it can seem overwhelming. Some students struggle to know how to begin a job search or even what job opportunities exist. While most graduates focus on finding a position that will simply pay their bills, this is not the only factor they should take into consideration during their first job search. Accepting a first paralegal position is not just taking a job but beginning a life-long career. Graduates should focus not just on compensation, but also on professional development experiences and personal goals. Indeed, one must always keep in mind that most of the week will be consumed by this position so finding a job that is both challenging and enjoyable is also crucial.

By: Sam Dykes, EKU Graduate Student

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