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Episode One: Why did you choose EKU?

Dr. Shirley O’Brien: Hi everyone, I’m Shirley O’Brien and I am the coordinator of our occupational therapy post-professional online doctoral program, and I am so excited to have quite a breadth of really qualified post-professional students here. I wanted to ask you, why did you apply to our online program? What attracted you?

Dr. G. Ebony Seay: The fact that it was 100% online. I didn’t have to worry about trying to move anywhere or have to worry about periodically having to come to campus like some online programs require throughout the semester. So, factoring that into the cost, depending on how often you have to go and how long you have to stay when you go. So that was part, and it was accredited. That’s always important.

Dr. Jean Veenendall: I was looking for something that was completely online because that would allow me to continue to work full-time. But also, I looked at different schools and how long they had had online programs because that was really important to me too. EKU’s just seemed really well established when I compared it to some other schools out there for me.

Dr. Christina Bretz: For me it was, I received my bachelor’s from EKU. So I knew that the faculty here was top notch and that I would be getting a great education for this post-professional doctorate. And I knew that the faculty was going to be supportive too because that’s my experience through the bachelor’s program.

Dr. Crystal Coffman: For me, we’re a military family and so most schools, even with online programs, had differences in in-state tuition versus out-of-state tuition and I didn’t want that to change halfway because, as you guys know, I moved midway through our program. And so, I mean, looking at costs and then we also looked pretty in depth as well as to the rankings of online schools and EKU is very well ranked. I didn’t know a lot about it ahead of time, but I’m very glad that this is the program I chose.

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