The Importance of Self-Care in Nursing 

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Those working in healthcare tend to focus on what others need with very little focus on their own needs along the way. Nurses, especially, are known for their compassion for others and the passion to help their patients recover, flourish and be the best versions of themselves. But nurses must also do the same for themselves.

It is important for those working in nursing to remember to care of themselves, be aware of their own needs and make good self-care an everyday practice.

Importance of Recognizing Individual Needs

Self-Care is different for each of us but knowing what works to help you stay healthy, both mentally and physically, is crucial.  One needs to be proactive about their needs in order to foster their growth. Nurses can make exciting new self-discoveries by making healthy connections with others and empowering themselves to look to the future.

It is essential for those working in nursing to practice good self-care and do something nice for themselves at least once a day. Nurses should make sure to do a check-in with themselves on a regular basis and identify a way that works best to decompress each day. Whatever helps deal with stressors and challenges will help to ensure wellness.

There will be times that those working in health care will struggle as some days can be tougher than others, but by knowing their limits and ways to cope with difficult situations will help them be resilient and successful both in nursing and life.

Nurses will be able to help others and move toward personal goals by having the courage to meet each day head on with a positive outlook and a truly regenerated self. Nurses who practice good self-care are better able to realize the power to make a difference each day both for themselves and their clients.

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About the Author

Dr. Aileen Jones is the MSN-Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Clinical Coordinator and Assistant Professor. Aileen’s has bachelor’s degrees in psychology and nursing, as well as an MSN from EKU. She was also recognized as the outstanding computer science PhD student for the University of Kentucky.