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Working RN’s need the convenience of pursuing their BSN online. Student-focused universities develop online courses with knowledgeable faculty, class discussion and assignments that have set due dates just like traditional on-campus programs do. The added benefit of online learning is that students can organize their time to best fit their schedule. For example, you can listen to a lecture, or complete and submit an assignment in the middle of the night if your shift starts in the afternoon.

EKU is repeatedly ranked the best Online RN to BSN in Kentucky. Students receive credit for their associate’s degree, NCLEX and professional experience. You could earn your BSN with just 29 credit hours in as few as 18 months.

Rhoda Janes Faculty

Rhoda Janes, MSN, RN, clinical faculty for the RN to BSN program believes people choose EKU for quality online education in an atmosphere where faculty care about the students and their success.

“Students are surprised that I am willing to meet with them over the phone if they need help to fully understand the concepts we are discussing in class. I hope we far exceed their expectations for online learning,” said Janes.

What can I expect in an online course?

With EKU Online, we have designed our courses to help the students feel connected to both faculty and their peers. Every RN to BSN course has a virtual office forum. The virtual office is a place where students can post questions to course faculty within the course. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Faculty check this forum daily and respond to students’ questions. Students can connect with each other through the Course Lounge, an online forum where students can post thoughts, questions, or offer support. Some courses also utilize discussion boards. Discussion board assignments attempt to mimic the course discussion that would occur in a traditional brick-and-mortar classroom. Each student is given the opportunity to respond to a question posed by course faculty. After posting their initial response, students review their peers’ responses and use that as a springboard for further discussion.

What makes EKU unique?

The RN to BSN pathway at EKU has several layers of support. From the moment they contact EKU, students are connected with an advisor who can answer questions about the program and the application process. Once they enroll, academic advisors help them select courses and stay on track to progress through the degree program.

In the online classroom, they can reach out to the lead instructor or to a course facilitator who regularly interacts with students. Facilitators can answer any questions students have about assignments or course material. Instructors and facilitators are available via e-mail, virtual office, by telephone or through an online video meeting.

Balancing work, school, and family schedules can be challenging. Janes’ best tip for success is to reach out to faculty frequently. “We welcome questions about assignments and course content. We are always here to help students in the learning process,” she said.

By: Rhoda Janes, MSN, RN, clinical faculty

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