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By: Dan Purtell, Family Nurse Practitioner Graduate

As a busy father and the sole source of income in my home, going back to school seemed to be a daunting feat. I wasn’t sure how to fit classes into my already busy schedule, but I knew that I was willing to put in the work to better my future and to be an example to my daughter. At EKU Online I was met with welcoming, knowledgeable, caring and unparalleled faculty to help me each step of the way.

The reason that the family nurse practitioner program is great is because of the faculty. The faculty make themselves available to students both day and night. Responding to emails in a timely manner and providing any additional help is all a part of the job for them. They want to ensure each student is supported on their path to success.

Dan Purtell

Every faculty member with which I’ve interacted has been absolutely amazing and supportive.

I crashed my motorcycle over the summer and had fairly significant road rash and a lengthy recovery time ahead. In this time I got an outpouring of support from an instructor, Vera King, APRN, who had a son with a similar “addiction” to fast moving automobiles.

Furthermore, I have been able to build lasting relationships with other faculty throughout the program.  I remember emailing Dr. Alison Connell, APRN — during our either FNP I or FNP II course — specifically focusing on respiratory content and my daughter, Bella (who was around 8 years old at the time) noticed her voice sounded different. I mentioned to Dr. Connell that she said “Daddy, your teacher sounds sick.” In an email, I told her how she had become a mainstay in our home and even Bella noticed she was sick. Fast forward 9 months and Dr. Connell was one of my faculty members for my graduate exit interview along with Dr. Brenda Caudill, MSN, APRN (with whom I had wonderful interaction as a course facilitator). They remembered my email and we had a bond from that you cannot fabricate.

I absolutely tout the wonderful experience I have had throughout the program. EKU provided the best graduate educational experience I could possibly ask for. I have had what I consider a somewhat unique experience in the program as a working father. I worked 7 days per week to complete this program. Each day of the week I had time dedicated to my classwork in addition to working or doing my clinicals. I have learned how much time there actually is in the week when you want something bad enough.  

Every preceptor I have worked with has been so extremely complimentary of my knowledge and clinical practice (and while I like to think some of that is me, I think it is a direct reflection of the culmination of my educational preparation derived from the direct support I received from EKU Online nursing faculty).

My experience at EKU has been absolutely wonderful, and I wouldn’t change a thing. The manageability of the program while maintaining full time employment is why I have recommended it to many friends and coworkers.  My wonderful experience is also the reason why I plan to apply to the EKU Doctor of Nursing Practice program. I want to thank my professors for their commitment to the advancement of their students and for developing a program that will honestly change the trajectory of my life and my family’s life.

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