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Earning a degree takes hard work and dedication. Honor societies and organizations exist to celebrate student accomplishment, and to aid students in completing their education and beginning their career in their chosen field. 

What is the Order of the Sword and Shield?

The Order of the Sword and Shield is the first and only academic and professional honor society dedicated exclusively to homeland security, intelligence, emergency management, cyber and information security, and all protective security disciplines.

The mission of the society is to promote critical thinking, high scholarship and professional development; to further enhance the ethical standards of the protective security professions; and to cultivate a high order of personal living. In addition to its academic purpose, the Society is strongly committed to helping communities prepare for safety and emergency conditions and sponsors many types of informational events throughout the year.

The core values of the Society are excellence, knowledge, ethics, and peace.

The organization’s motto is “ex scientia pax” which means “out of knowledge comes peace.” As an association which represents homeland security, intelligence, and protective security academic disciplines, this has special meaning. With an ultimate goal of peace and safety for all, the protective security profession must utilize knowledge as a primary tool for the accomplishment of this objective. The Society recognizes this commitment and the dedication of those individuals achieving academic and professional excellence.

At the EKU chapter, the Order of the Sword and Shield has previously volunteered within the Richmond community at Habitat for Humanity construction sites and many students were active participants in the efforts to restore Western Kentucky after the devastation caused by recent tornadoes.

EKU’s OSS Chapter: A Complementary Student Organization

Omicron Sigma Sigma (ΟΣΣ) is in the process of being fully established as a student organization at EKU. ΟΣΣ acts as a complimentary student organization to the Order of the Sword and Shield. ΟΣΣ is composed of students from the Homeland Security Program, several of which are active members of OSS.

The mission of the Omicron Sigma Sigma (ΟΣΣ) is to provide members with involvement in social and professional engagements, as well as learning opportunities that will better prepare them for careers in homeland security and related professions.

Students in EKU’s chapter of OSS have volunteered at Habitat for Humanity in Richmond and were active participants restoring western Kentucky after that part of the state dealt with devastating tornados.

Other activities performed by ΟΣΣ include:

  • Hosting homeland security guest speakers
  • Connecting Alumni to current students through conferences and events
  • Fostering a community that allows students to connect with each other to discuss career, school and other topics
  • Mentoring of new member by senior members
  • Volunteering on and off campus

Why Should Students Consider Joining?

The Society is more than simply honoring academic dedication and success. The Society also places a high value on service, offering opportunities for the industry’s best and brightest students to come together and give back to the communities they live and work in.  All members, chapters, and employees are encouraged to volunteer in some form of service-related activity. 

Engaging in service activities allows students to become deeply familiar with the communities they serve and form a deep understanding of the needs, strengths and challenges of those communities. That understanding builds trust between members of the industry and the people they serve, while also offering networking and relationship building opportunities for students. 

Additional membership benefits include:

  • Public recognition as an outstanding individual in your discipline
  • Opportunity to participate in volunteer opportunities in and around EKU
  • Opportunity to apply for generous scholarships, awards, and grants
  • Opportunity to participate in activities assisting the eastern Kentucky community in person and online
  • Opportunity to network with other high-achieving individuals in HLS at EKU
  • Opportunity to develop key skills in organization/chapter sponsored activities
  • Life-long membership in an active organization devoted to enhancing your profession

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