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Taking part in an organizational conference is life changing. As a new member of the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), I was ecstatic to attend a major event. As a student, job responsibilities and time spent on coursework prevented me from fully engaging with this organization during the semester. However, this wonderful event opened many opportunities and introduced me to many significant people.

A Large Gathering with a Common Goal

Upon entering the conference, I was immediately shocked by the number of attendees. I felt a sense of joy from the like-minded individuals in the room. Although from different backgrounds, many attendees shared a major goal: to learn and express gratitude for research. I reviewed my notes each day in hopes of furthering my education. A major goal that I wanted to achieve included networking with individuals in my field.

There were many different sessions that piqued my interest. During these sessions, I was able to meet important speakers. Each speaker had advice on how to advance my personal educational goals. Upon further research, I was able to discover potential job opportunities. As a student, it can be hard to develop relationships with organizations. Not only did I want to network, but also discover passions I may not have discovered prior to the session. The conference not only connected me with admirable attendees but allowed me to get a sense of my future career outlook.

Skill Building

The conference also held many chances to prepare for future opportunities. There were many workshops that included resume reviews, headshots, and even practice interviews. These are very beneficial in preparing for future employment. I was very impressed by how much the speakers interreacted with the students. They truly cared for each student!

I expressed much excitement in seeing individuals with a common goal. Not only did this experience allow me to develop an understanding of health information, but it allowed me to observe formal organizational meetings. I have grown in networking and look forward to further conferences.

By: Lauren Storms, EKU Health Services Administration Student

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