How a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) Credential Can Help Advance Your Career

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Congratulations, you got an interview for the job! You have done your research on the company, planned the perfect interview outfit, practiced interview questions and written questions for your interviewer. What’s next? Soon, you’ll be face to face explaining why you are the best candidate for the job and what sets you apart from other candidates. This is the time to let your registered health information administrator (RHIA) credential shine! Here are three key reasons why a RHIA credential will help you land the job and set you apart from other candidates.

A RHIA Credential Indicates Comprehensive Knowledge of Healthcare Operations

The RHIA credentialing exam tests your competencies in five domains:

  • Information governance
  • Compliance with uses and disclosures of protected health information (PHI)
  • Data analytics and information
  • Revenue management
  • Management and leadership

Prepare talking points for each of these domains to discuss in your interview.

A RHIA Credential Sets You Apart

There are approximately 16,000 individuals that hold a RHIA credential. A 2017 study by Dolezel and McCloud found that 94% of employers prefer to hire an employee with an RHIA credential. Growing in my professional career, I’ve asked employers why they took a chance on me for the position I was hired into. All four hiring officials informed me that I wasn’t the most qualified, but that my RHIA credential was the deciding factor when determining who to hire.

You Are a Go Getter

Unlike clinical credentials, a RHIA credential is not required to work in healthcare. Passing your RHIA exam and maintaining credentialing through continued education demonstrates to future employers that you’re proactive and dedicated to the profession. Showing your interviewer that you are self-motivated, goal-oriented, driven, resourceful and dependable. Who wouldn’t want to hire you after they hear that?

In summary, obtaining your RHIA credential is a phenomenal way to get started in your healthcare management career. These are three great talking points but ultimately be sure the company is going to be a great fit for you as well. Remember to breathe, give yourself a pep talk while listening to your favorite song and accept that you are human, mistakes will happen and that is okay!

By: Kara (Tolley) Klein

Administrative Coordinator II – Chief Medical Office, UK HealthCare

EKU B.S. Health Services Administration Graduate

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