Why Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism?

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The pandemic has taken a toll on all of us and the travel industry is no exception. Because of the pandemic, in 2020 the travel and tourism industry lost 62 million jobs. Now, with increased vaccinations and the easing of travel restrictions and mask requirements, many more people are planning to travel because they haven’t been able to for the past two years. Recently in the United States, air travel has increased to two million daily passengers, much closer to pre-pandemic levels. This phenomenon is expected to create more jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Higher Level of Training and Education in the Hospitality and Tourism Workforce

Companies in the hospitality and tourism industry are beginning to recruit employees due to high traveler demand. And many individuals have been preparing to get back into the job market by building their skillsets or upgrading their skills through education. Thus, it is expected that the job market in the hospitality and tourism industry will require a higher level of skill or education. Companies in the industry have also adapted and changed throughout the pandemic.

Higher Employer Expectations in Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Many hotels and travel related businesses have improved or modified their operations to provide better service for their guests. Also, many businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry have taken the opportunity to retrain and educate their employees, making the industry more focused on becoming a path to a career. Therefore, companies in the hospitality and tourism industry are looking for more educated employees who are able to think critically and drive the industry forward. Because of these expectations, the importance of getting a degree in hospitality and tourism is more important than ever.

Benefits of a Hospitality and Tourism Degree

As the job market in the industry is recovering to pre-pandemic levels, businesses will be looking for employees with increased knowledge and skills. Getting a degree in hospitality and tourism will emphasize your professionalism, grow your skillset, increase your earning potential and either help you either enter the field with a competitive edge or earn a promotion in your current role.

By: Daegeun (Dan) Kim, Ph.D., CHIA

Assistant Professor, Global Hospitality and Tourism

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