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You already drink wine, why not get college credit for it?

Introducing GTO 325 Culture & Consumption of Wine! This class will explore how wine and culture intersect as well as the role of wine in tourism. You will finally be able to understand what that wine label really means, as well as appreciate how the grapes are grown that impact the flavor. Not only that, you will take a national certification exam regarding safe alcohol service and how the body absorbs wine and other alcohol.

A New Region Each Week

You will explore wine-growing regions around the world, as well as understand wine and health issues. We will explore wine trails, review the history and discover supply and demand as well as dig into the laws and history about wine.  We will reveal taste profiles and understand how to pair food and wine. Each week we will “take a little trip” and of course have a fabulous wine tasting. How exciting is that? Eight weeks, eight places and the best part is you never have to leave home because this course is completely online!

But wait, maybe you want to know how wine impacts cultures and tourism, but you do not like or drink wine? There are many juices and sparkling flavors with no alcohol you can partake of instead. The only requirement is that you must be 21 if taking the course in the United States or of legal drinking age within your country. Come on, let’s explore the thrill of culture and wine together! 

By: Susan E. West

About the author

Susan E. West holds two degrees. A Master of Arts from the University of Arkansas and a Bachelor of Science from Stephen F Austin State University. After leaving the private sector of Hotel Management, she became an Associate Professor of Hospitality Administration at Arkansas Tech University. She teaches all lodging management courses, beverage management, facility design, and intro to hospitality. 

Susan has been a state judge for ProStart since 2005. She is the Former Director of Culinary and Hospitality at NorthWest Arkansas Community College. She has been a judge for Iron Chef, Arkansas Hospitality Association and Iron Skillet Competition with the Arkansas Parks and Tourism Department. In addition, she has judged multiple bartending competitions. 

She is a Certified Hospitality Educator, ServSafe food and alcohol certified from the National Restaurant Association, and teaches sanitation courses throughout the state. She was an active member and past-president of SKAL, an international tourism organization.  Susan is the faculty advisor of the Resorts and Recreation Learning Living Community and won LLC Advisor of the year in 2017.  She currently serves as faculty advisor of Hospitality Society.

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