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Patrick Spear is an online student in Eastern Kentucky University’s fire protection and safety engineering technology bachelor’s degree program. Patrick works as a firefighter for the Monroe County fire department in New York. He recently shared his thoughts about his EKU Online experience.

How has earning this degree changed or aided your career?

This degree has opened the door to promotions throughout my career. Additionally, I have had other career opportunities arise through the internship I completed while a student at EKU.

What motivated you to get this degree?

Life is a continuous journey where we refine our knowledge and skills. Having a passion for fire protection and firefighting drove me to attend EKU and pursue a degree in fire protection and safety engineering technology (FSET) to help set myself apart.

What was your favorite part or the highlight of your time as an EKU Online student?

My favorite part of being an online student at EKU was having opportunities to challenge myself both through my coursework as well as through the internship I experienced. I was continually blown away by the challenges to learn things that I thought I was already competent in.

How did the EKU Online faculty aid in your success?

The professors at EKU are phenomenal, especially the fire program professors. My advisor, Christy Templeton, stuck with me throughout the FIVE, yes five years that it took me to pick away at my degree. I know I can be challenging as a student, but Christy was there for me every step of the way. She helped to provide clarity to some foggy times throughout the journey. I will always be sincerely grateful for Christy Templeton.

What did you find surprising about the program?

I was surprised somewhat by how challenging some of the courses were. I would register for some classes thinking I would already know what I was getting into but then find myself deep into the subject and mesmerized by the course. Many classes were not as inviting, but EKU definitely challenges their students to grow and learn how to problem solve and they undoubtedly prepare you to take on the challenges of your career.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to become an EKU Online student?

The biggest piece of advice I would give to someone who is looking to become an EKU Online student is to ensure you set aside enough time. I struggled extremely hard with this, specifically during the summer when everything seems more important than school. Having two and sometimes three jobs throughout my tenure at EKU, it became a challenge to find time to sit down and submerse myself into my schoolwork. All in all, if you put in the time to study, learn and become competent in the subject matter, your experience will be much more pleasant.

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