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How do I become a paramedic? Do I need a degree to be successful in the short term? Will those needs change in the long term?

Merritt Tonne

Many and varied are the discussions regarding the need or not of higher education for EMS providers. When it is boiled down to the basic return on investment, what is the value of a degree for a paramedic? One of the most frustrating things that is inherent in EMS is that we tend to be short sighted regarding the future. We say, “Why should I put forth the time, effort and expense to get a degree if it isn’t going to benefit me RIGHT NOW?” 

Nationwide leaders of EMS have a view for the future of the profession that is drastically different than what we currently have. The future of EMS will involve more of the last initial of our acronym, “service,” than the first two. Community paramedicine, the expanding role of paramedics in arenas not currently serviced, as well as the increasing need for leaders and managers who can efficiently operate EMS as a business will be in high demand.   In order for this to happen, more education will need to be brought to bear on the current provider. Already, the advocacy of evidence based medicine is leaving many of our, once highly held, sacred cows in the dust…and rightfully so. EMS has a decision to make. We are moving from a “you call, we haul, that’s all” type of service to one that has more of a say in the healthcare arena. Those who have the aspiration to lead this new brand of healthcare will need the education to do so. Credentials do matter.

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