Meet Your Instructor: Jamie-Marie Miller, assistant professor, EKU College of Education and Applied Human Sciences

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EKU instructor and long-time teacher, Jamie-Marie Miller, believes in relationship building and taking an active part in her student’s educational experience. She goes above and beyond to ensure her online students have opportunities to interact and engage with both herself and the material. Miller’s personal attention and dedication to helping students prepare to make their mark in the field makes her a particular point of pride on EKU’s campuses, both in-person and virtual. We take great pride in offering the chance to get to know her a little better.

What brought you to EKU?

I came to EKU to help students who are studying to be a teacher.  I was a classroom teacher in middle/high school math for 19 years prior to coming to EKU.  Throughout my tenure, I was blessed to have mentors that supported me and fielded my questions.  I want to work with our teacher candidates and practicing teachers to help them create the best possible classroom environment for their students.  Additionally, I want to help the many teacher candidates appreciate and not fear the subject of mathematics. 

Tell us a little about your work in your field.

My expertise and passion is instructional strategies for student engagement, assessment, and mathematical progressions.  I love to infuse my courses with websites and instructional ideas that teachers or teacher candidates can use in their practice.  Interweaving literacy practices with mathematics is something that I have been researching so that more students have a voice in their mathematics learning. 

Assessment is another area that I am researching.  I believe that what is going to be assessed in a class should be transparent to all students. 

Finally, I love researching the vertical progression of math in K-12.  My primary interest is the progression of algebraic thought from kindergarten to high school.  

What moment at EKU stands out as most memorable?

I love conferencing with students after an observation in their clinicals.  Listening to them talk about how they thought the lesson went and providing feedback is something magical.  EKU teacher candidates are eager to provide the best lessons and supports for their students.  It makes me believe that the teaching profession will continue to grow and cultivate amazing teachers.

What is your approach to online teaching?

I believe that online learning should be a mix of individual and collaborative efforts.  I blend individual assignments with group assignment such as discussion board, Flipgrid, and projects.  Feedback from both myself and your peers is used to spur growth and learning in class.  I believe that when you join my class, we are a community of learners.

What tactics or approaches do you use to aid in your student’s success?

I use a constructive approach.  There are readings, but also, we watch teaching videos, and complete several labs and activities that teachers or teacher candidates can use in their own classroom.

What do you believe are the biggest advantages to online learning?

Technology integration is key to our K-12 schools.  If we are using it in K-12, why not in higher education?  I believe that online learning allows for students to investigate and learn on their own but have support as needed.  I also think that online learning fits the busy schedules of so many of our EKU students.

What have you been up to lately? (Research, projects, awards, etc.)

Recently I have been appointed to the Kentucky Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (KAMTE) State Board.  We work on providing learning opportunities for both math teacher educators at all Kentucky colleges/universities and preservice teacher conferences.  I have been named STaR Fellow by the national organization, Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE), to work for two years with national mentors on our research agenda. 

I also work with student groups such as Kappa Delta Pi (education honor society) and have a pilot project with digital portfolios. 

What advice would you give to someone who’s considering finishing their degree or starting for the first time as an adult?

Finish that degree!!!  We are all lifelong learners…so continue to learn at EKU!!

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