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There is a shakeup happening in education! Between flipped classrooms, the integration of technology, and the emergence of hybrid classrooms, educators are challenging the traditional ideas of learning. One alternative that has gained popularity and has been widely implemented is project-based learning.

What Is Project-Based Learning?

Project-based learning is an interactive approach taken in the classroom that utilizes real-world problems, situations, and personally meaningful projects to teach students. It is an attempt to make course work for students more reflective of what they will encounter in the world. Designed to be more engaging, students are asked to call upon critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the application of their curriculum in order to solve the problems at hand. The idea is to cultivate these complex skills in the classroom so that they can best be extrapolated into their future careers, advanced schooling, and personal lives.    

What Are the Benefits of It?

Project-based learning is designed to incite curiosity in students that lead to an active search for deeper knowledge. It requires students to collaborate, test their hypothesis, think outside the box, and problem solve. It teaches kids the ability to research things on their own and how to communicate their findings – both critical job skills. Content taught through project-based learning goes beyond memorization for an exam, it hones skills alongside the learning of the material. It engages students that are prone to daydream or doodle and further excites those that are already engaged.

What Are Some Examples of PBL Projects?

  • Build an app
    There seems to be an app for everything these days, have your students build one more! This is a great way to capitalize on their interests and technology and incorporate them into the learning process. There are many app building platforms to get you started!
  • Construct a Family Tree
    Teach kids lessons in history, genetics, etc. through using their personal history. Integrate the students into the lesson and see the fun things they find out!
  • Form Your Own Country
    Have students form their own countries, develop their own governments, economic policies, social hierarchies, and politics all to teach students the intricacies of global structure and issues.         

Project-based learning is a way of incorporating new energy and fun into the everyday classroom without sacrificing critical instruction time. Develop skills in students beyond those taught in the traditional classroom setting. Explore creatively and pursue deeper, more personal, long-lasting learning.

Eastern Kentucky University’s 100% online College of Education program remains on the cutting edge of educational innovation. EKU Online boasts several degree options within the College of Education that require students to complete advanced curriculum and assessment courses that explore project-based learning in-depth. Students are given the opportunity to design their own project-based learning units of study and implement them during the course, providing real world experience. Faculty professors even observe students teaching digitally in order to mentor their progress. Want to learn more about what is new in education and ways to advance your education degree online? Learn more about EKU Online’s master of arts in education or master of arts in teaching.

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