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Dominique Blessin started college ten years ago, but she dropped out after only a few weeks. Now that she is enrolled in the EKU Online criminal justice degree program, she knows this time is different. This time, she’s earning her degree for herself and her two kids. She knows the value of an education, and she knows that everyone at EKU online prioritizes student success.

“From the moment I became an EKU student, I felt like part of the family. As an online student, that speaks volumes. Every professor has given me guidance and set me up for success,” she said.

Dominique has loved criminal justice and law since childhood. “When other kids were watching Nickelodeon, I was watching Matlock,” she said with a laugh.

From the moment I became an EKU student, I felt like part of the family. As an online student, that speaks volumes. Every professor has given me guidance and set me up for success.

Dominique Blessin

At a family gathering, she talked to a cousin about her career goals. He earned his criminal justice degree at EKU and he spoke very highly of the university and the program “He still talks with some of his professors five years later,” Dominique recalled. “’He said, “You have to check this program out. This is the best program you’re going to find. You will not be disappointed!’”

EKU’s Highly Distinguished Online Criminal Justice Program

The EKU College of Justice and Safety is renowned for excellence, as she discovered in her research. As a single mom, with a son who is entering high school in the fall and a daughter who is a toddler, she was thrilled to learn that she could earn an EKU criminal justice degree online.

“EKU has one of the most highly distinguished online programs in the country. It was the perfect choice for me. I didn’t even have a plan B. This was the college where I knew I would thrive,” she said.

Prepare For Long-Term Career Success

“I would like to begin my post-college career in the court system, specifically as a court clerk. This position would allow me to be directly involved with the legal process, working with and for a judge, in an office setting, while giving me the stability of a set schedule as a mom with two children at home,” said Dominique.

She could advance in that field, eventually becoming a chief court clerk or entering the federal court system.

“If I chose to move beyond that career, I would use that position and the knowledge gained as a springboard to become a jury consultant. I believe — between my bachelor’s degree and spending years in the courtroom — I would be uniquely positioned to pursue that goal,” she said.

Her commitment starts in the classroom. “I believe that, just like anything else in life, when it comes to earning your degree, you get out of it what you put into it. The professors and advisors give you all the tools you need. It’s up to you to take it from there,” she said.

In addition to providing guidance in the classroom, her professors are also talking with her about her career goals. They have given her advice about graduate school and other paths that she can pursue upon graduation.

EKU Online Focuses on Student Success

The EKU Online criminal justice program is designed with student success in mind. From her first day, she has found the courses user-friendly and easy to navigate. “The layout is simple and makes finding anything a snap, especially helpful tools like the online librarian and tutoring services,” she said.

More importantly, she knows everyone at EKU wants to see her succeed. “More than once, I have emailed a professor and gotten a response within an hour. They’re so ready to help and eager to make sure that you have everything you need. I think that really speaks to their dedication.”

She knows her advisor talks to dozens of students each day, but she feels like she is the only one. “The way that they really take care of you is remarkable. It would be impressive in a traditional classroom but being an online student and seeing that and feeling it . . . you can’t ask for anything better!” she said.

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