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From Andy Griffith to Olivia Benson, we as a society have become fascinated with crime and law enforcement. Criminal justice careers and degrees have seen an influx of interest as a result of these mainstream depictions. The duties of these jobs appear to be more accessible and exciting than ever as people become more familiar with the field and the rise in criminal justice career opportunities and salaries reflect this growing interest. Police officers and detectives are just two examples of the diverse, challenging, rewarding, and dynamic careers that a criminal justice degree offers.

Police officers and detectives have become heroes that we rally around. They are the pillars of our society and they work to uphold the standards that allow communities all over the country to flourish. These criminal justice careers are essential to the functioning of civilization and they ensure a safe environment in which all other careers and vocations can occur. We rely on and often take advantage of living in a safe society. It is these individuals that do the hard frontline work to make that happen and ensure our safety, which in turn allows communities to function as a whole. Not only do these careers benefit society, but also individually it’s a great career opportunity.

Criminal Justice Career and Salary Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of police officers and detectives is projected to grow about 5 percent from 2018 to 2028. They have also found that the national median annual salary for police/detectives was $65,170 per year in May 2019. It’s becoming more and more common for police departments to offer additional pay for police officers and detectives who have their college degree or are bilingual. Those with these desirable credentials are expected to have the best job prospects and opportunities in the future.

Get Ahead With a Criminal Justice Degree

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