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Phillip Wayne Bramblett, Corrections and Juvenile Justice Studies (Pendleton, KY)

Phillip Wayne Bramblett

Why did you decide to continue your education?

I first attended Eastern Kentucky University after graduating high school in the Fall of 1970. I, like other freshmen in college focused more on the social life than on school work and ultimately dropped out before the end of the first semester. In the late 1980’s, after being laid off from a job, I realized the need and importance of obtaining that college degree and enrolled at another school. Shorty after enrolling, I was hired as a correctional officer and began my career in corrections. As time progressed, I found myself enjoying this career and began getting promoted through the ranks. Once again, I stopped taking classes.

It wasn’t until our son enrolled at EKU that I realized I should have continued my education. Our son begged me to enroll so we could graduate together. During this time promotional opportunities led me first to the central part of the state and later back to the eastern part of the state, which greatly hindered my ability to enroll in college. After our son graduated from EKU, he went back and obtained his master’s degree from EKU and suggested that I consider obtaining my degree through EKU’s accelerated online program. After careful consideration, I promised our son that I would seriously consider the program. I should graduate in the Spring of 2014.

Why did you choose EKU?

I have always been partial to EKU because it was the first college I attended. Plus, my oldest brother attended EKU and my son obtained both his bachelor’s degree and his master’s degree from EKU.

What has your experience been like?

When I first signed up for online classes, I was overwhelmed at the fast pace of the classes. I suddenly realized that if I was going to be successful, I must focus heavily on time management. The greatest hurdle for me was to learn how to use Blackboard, but the tutorials provided became valuable tools. I have found that 99.9% of all online instructors make every attempt to answer students’ questions as promptly as possible.

What does this achievement mean to you?

I now have over 27 years of experience in corrections and have had an exciting career. As the years passed, I regretted not finishing college. I was reminded time and again by our son of the importance of obtaining the college degree. When I graduate, I will have finally obtained something that has taken me over 44 years to achieve. I have been asked by several family and friends, “Will you walk?” and my reply is “Yes, I will have earned that walk.”

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