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“My name is Kelly Cline and I am a Juvenile Counselor with the Department of Juvenile Justice. I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Correctional and Juvenile Justice Studies. I always knew throughout school that I wanted to work with at-risk youth in my community but didn’t know to what degree. The courses offered by the College of Justice and Safety not only provided me with life long memories, but experience as well. I was given the opportunity to visit several correctional facilities, participate in an onsite course on gangs at a federal prison and contribute to several analytical and research-based documents. The faculty was very accommodating and the feedback offered was always beneficial. After graduating from the traditional campus program and beginning my graduate degree on the traditional campus, I completed my graduate degree via the online program.  It was convenient with my work schedule and offered similar experiences without having to be on campus. It is without a doubt and absolutely certain that if not for the faculty and staff in the Correctional and Juvenile Justice Studies Department, I would not have made it where I am now.”

-Kelly Cline

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