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“I graduated with my master’s degree in Adult, Juvenile and Community Corrections Leadership May 2012.  This was one of my proudest moments!  It was always a goal and dream of mine to further my education.  However, I worked full time and lived nearly 50 miles from the EKU campus.  The difficulty of attending classes on campus and the commute to and from classes deterred me from my dream.  After I found out that the classes were online I was ecstatic!  I contacted Amy Eades, an Assistant Program Coordinator and before I could snap my fingers I was in the program and enrolled in the classes.  She made the transition of going back to college very easy for me.   

“While the program is by no means easy, it was more convenient for me.  I could work on the assignments from the comfort of my home.  The professors were very helpful and provided feedback and assistance almost immediately.  Dr. Kraska’s patience and expertise at explaining statistics in a way that I could relate to the material made him my hero!  Although the capstone project was a very intense final class, with Dr. Minor’s help and unlimited knowledge and expertise in the field I was able to present a pretty decent project (I passed)!

“I was also very pleased that most of my fellow online classmates were professionals that already worked in the corrections field and were seeking their Master’s degrees to further advance in their current positions.  It was very interesting to get their personal perspective and opinions regarding the class material and real life experiences in this area.  Also, it never hurts to create a network of contacts in your chosen career path!

“I was so impressed with the staff, instructors, and program that I encouraged my daughter, an RN to go back to school and enter into the bachelor’s degree online Corrections/Juvenile Justice studies program, as well as my nephew who just graduated high school last fall.  They both love the program, the instructors and especially the job outlook for this field!”

-Betty Hays

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