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By: Amy Eades, EKU Corrections and Juvenile JusAssistant Online Coordinator
Adult, Juvenile, & Community Corrections Leadership

The thought of applying to graduate school can be somewhat daunting, but the process is really fairly simple. At EKU, students can apply using the online application process and pick the program they wish to study. Once they pay the application fee and the EKU Graduate School receives their official undergraduate transcript, the application is forwarded to the program for review. Most programs require additional materials, such as letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and entrance exam scores (GRE, MAT, etc.). When the application packet is complete, an admission committee reviews the materials and makes an admission recommendation. 

The admission options at EKU are Clear, Provisional, or Probationary Admission. Applicants granted clear admission status meet all the minimum requirements of the program for application in terms of GPA and test scores. Provisional admission status is granted when the applicant meets the minimum GPA for clear admission but is missing something from the application, such as a final transcript or entrance exam scores. Provisional admission is granted for one semester only. Probationary admission status is granted to applicants who do not meet the minimum GPA and test score requirements but who show promise as a graduate student. Students admitted on probationary status must maintain a graduate GPA of 3.0 during the first 9-12 hours of enrollment in their graduate program. After this time, students will be moved to clear status if they meet the GPA requirement.

After the program makes an admission recommendation, the information is returned to the EKU Graduate School for final admission to EKU and to the student’s program. At that point, the student is active in EKU’s system and is able to register for classes, set up their student email account, finalize financial aid arrangements, or anything else that relates to their student status at EKU.

Of course, if an applicant has any questions or concerns about the application process or status, the individual program staff and EKU Graduate School staff are available to provide answers and assistance. We want to make the transition to graduate school as easy as possible and are happy to help that transition in any way possible. Graduate school is a big step, but one that students can successfully take with preparation and knowledge that assistance is a phone call or email away.

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