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Artificial Intelligence is Already All Around Us

In the morning, I pull up to a drive-thru and order a cup of coffee and fresh salad that has vegetables grown by taking advantage of soil moisture forecasts. I pay with a credit card that has payment fraud protection.

Next, Google assistant finds the best route to avoid traffic jams, tells me today’s schedule, and plays my favorite music while I am driving to the office. Upon arrival, I use the automatic parking system to safely park in the parking lot.

During lunch, I unlock my phone with face recognition mode, read some news, and visit online shopping malls listing my personalized interests.

At night, I turn on the smart security system to secure my home before going to bed. Finally, while I am sleeping, a piece of wearable tech monitors my sleep behavior and analyzes my health status.

Does this story sound familiar to you?  If so, you have been already been in contact with Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI.

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and Data Mining

AI is machine-displayed intelligence built upon machine learning, deep learning, data science, and data mining to simulate human behavior or thinking. While AI might seem like science fiction, it has woven itself into our daily lives in many ways, whether we are aware of it or not.

AI is the Future

Indeed, numerous numeric and statistical indicators anticipate that the future of AI is more promising and brighter than ever. Real-world evidence also shows that AI is shaping the future of humanity across nearly every industry. For example, Statista shows over the past decade the global startup funding of artificial intelligence has exponentially grown from 670 million U.S. dollars in 2011 to 36 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. It predicts the revenue from the worldwide AI software market is expected to reach 126 billion dollars by 2025.  Gartner reports that 37% of organizations have implemented AI in some form. The percentage of enterprises employing AI grew 270% over the past four years. Servion Global Solutions predicts that AI assisted technology will take 95% of customer interactions by 2025.

EKU’s Program Teaches Students to Utilize the AI Data Ecosystem

Eastern Kentucky University’s computer science programs are designed for you to be well prepared for the future of AI by better understanding and utilizing AI data ecosystem. The AI data ecosystem can be characterized by the lifecycle of data recycling and tail-to-tail data feeds. In other words, AI relies on vital resources obtained from human or machine generated structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data to make informed decisions by utilizing various machine learning algorithms and deep learning technologies. At the same time, AI often exists as an application embedded system or back-end system in Internet of Things (IoT) and produces huge amounts of data. These data are recycled for reenforcing the existing AI’s knowledgebases by feeding the data back into machine learning algorithms.

EKU’s computer science program covers essential elements in the AI data ecosystem: data science, machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL).

  • Data science provides students with the knowledge and skillsets required to turn big data into industry insights and forward-thinking decision making.
  • Learn the fundamental principles of ML and DL and be able to apply them to design real-world AI applications.

EKU Online offers accelerated 8-week terms with multiple start dates per year. You can earn your degree when the time is right for you. Designed for working adults, complete your coursework at a place and pace that works for your schedule.

By: Eun Mi Kim, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor

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