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Why are gas stations all along the east coast running out of gasoline? This is the result of the latest cybersecurity attack that targeted Colonial Pipeline and led to the shutdown of one of the largest oil pipelines in the U.S. As east coasters flood to the nearest gas station to fill their tank in a panic, incidents like these beg the question, are industries and organizations properly equipped to ward off cyber-attacks and protect their collected data?

Research indicates that companies and organizations are in fact not equipped to secure data as the workforce sees a shortage in qualified cybersecurity professionals. Emsi, a labor-market analytics firm, has reported that demand for cybersecurity professionals is double that of the supply. Other research goes on to affirm these findings and create a much more desperate picture. According to a study conducted in 2019 by the International Information System Security Certificate Consortium entitled Cybersecurity Workforce Study, the cybersecurity field is experiencing a labor drought. The study found that the cybersecurity workforce needs to grow 62 percent in the United States to meet demand, a number that pales in comparison to the 145 percent growth needed worldwide. These statistics were determined after surveying 3,237 individuals responsible for security in their companies from across the world. In more recent history, Emsi has found that job postings for cybersecurity professionals increased 113 percent from January to June of 2020. This is while the U.S. has less than half of the number of qualified people required to fill these positions.

This shortage of labor is potentially problematic, as the 2019 study found that 51 percent of cybersecurity professionals believe that this shortage makes their organizations moderately to extremely vulnerable to attack. This vulnerability leaves industry leaders to list the lack of qualified cybersecurity professionals as their top concern.

There is a solution to this crisis however – education. EKU Online is hoping to bridge the knowledge gap and alleviate this shortage by offering a 100 percent online cybersecurity and digital forensics certificate program. Our online cybersecurity and digital forensics program not only teaches how to secure and protect the cyberspace and information stored in it, but focuses on how to quickly respond to any cybersecurity incident, that includes how to detect the incident, contain the damage, eliminate the attacker and recover the normal operation. Perfect for those in the tech industry looking to tailor their skills or pivot their career trajectory, this certificate is delivered in a flexible and convenient 12 credit hour program.

For those not already in the tech industry, but want to join the field and fight cybercrime, EKU offers a 100 percent online master’s in computer science with a concentration in cybersecurity and digital forensics. This program will position graduates for career advancement in a highly in-demand field.

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