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Conflict in the workplace is something that is unavoidable. It is important that this workplace conflict is handled well, as the outcome can have significant impacts on productivity and morale. Understanding the nature of conflict and the types of conflict management styles that could be at play are valuable skills in any career field. Leaders need to be able to recognize conflict and manage it effectively in order to maintain a positive working environment.

Gain the skills to successfully resolve conflict

The EKU School of Communication offers a certificate program that helps to build these conflict management skills. The certificate in dispute resolution requires 12 credit hours and can be completed 100% online. This certificate provides students with the necessary skills to look at issues from all perspectives and successfully resolve conflict. The required courses for this certificate work hand in hand to teach students to create sound arguments, recognize the importance of understanding conflict, increase intercultural awareness, and understand the negotiation process.

How can understanding conflict management within the workplace really impact you?

According to Hocker and Wilmot (2018) in Interpersonal Conflict, studying organizational conflict prepares employees to get along with coworkers, managers, and the public. As a supervisor, studying organizational conflict may aid in knowing when conflict will arise, learning productive responses to conflict, receiving more cooperation from employees, helping employees resolve disputes with one another, keeping interpersonal conflicts from spreading to other parts of an organization, and teaching teams how to manage their own conflict. The skills learned while completing this certificate are highly valued by employers and could help you to become more competitive in today’s job market.

A well-rounded skill set

As someone who has almost completed all of the required courses for this certificate, I feel a lot more knowledgeable and better prepared to handle conflict as it arises. Advocacy and Opposition taught me to create arguments that are clear and strong, thus reducing misunderstandings that may lead to conflict. Communication in Conflict Management taught me where conflict can stem from, how people with different conflict management styles may approach issues, and productive ways to communicate when in conflict. Intercultural Communication taught me how to look at communication from different cultural perspectives and how to avoid conflict in cross-cultural communication, which I feel is very important in an increasingly globalized world. Going into the workforce with confidence in your dispute resolution skills makes you a more marketable employee, and this certificate can help you achieve that.

By: Susie Rickert, EKU Communication Studies student

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