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Communication studies as a degree is often misunderstood. Other professions like nursing, journalism, or accounting are more obvious about what your career is going to entail.  It comes as no surprise to us that we often hear questions like, “Communication Studies? What is that even?” Communication studies faculty regularly hear comments from businesses that “communication is key”.  Yet, these organizations either don’t know where to start to address their questions, or only have a superficial understanding of the depth and breadth of what communication truly entails.

Communication Studies Scholarship

What better place to learn about the depth, breath and nuance of communication than from the very scholars who have dedicated their life to the study and teaching of this discipline?  Decades of social-scientific research on human interaction, on individual and group relationship building, on developing and delivering clear messaging, and myriad other essential topics have led to a powerful understanding of the nature of human behavior.  The professional competencies represented in communication studies scholarship play a part in every discipline, every major and in every career.  In short, communication scholarship translates to graduates who possess compelling skillsets that will allow them to be successful in any business or profession they choose. 

Graduate Advantages

This claim is not simply hyperbole; the proof is in our people.  Communication studies graduates have gone on to run businesses and non-profits, to become successful in education, government and law, and to have successful careers in media, military, ministry and countless other professions. Additionally, employers regularly comment to our faculty how well prepared our graduates are for their careers.  They find that communication majors are readily able to undertake their job-specific and career-specific training because of their strong competencies in the basic tools of business and human understanding that our discipline provides.  Our graduates have been hired over other candidates with more practical experience because of the skill sets that they possess.  What better proof of concept for this major can you get than career success? 

When you choose a profession, you will have the skills needed to do your job.  In communication studies, you will train to be successful in whatever career you choose.

By: John Strada, senior lecturer, EKU Communication Department

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