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Advocacy and Opposition (CMS 205) is a course that is not only beneficial for Communication Studies majors, but also for anyone who is looking to develop skills in creating, evaluating, and delivering strong arguments. Such skills can lead to professional success in a multitude of careers, including law, sales, public relations, elected office, business management, and countless others. The ability to take a stance on an issue and defend that stance with sound evidence is a skill that could be helpful in virtually any profession.

Evaluating Arguments

Students begin the class by learning how to evaluate arguments and support claims with evidence. They are then able to take a stance on a topic they are passionate about through the Advocacy in Action project. The project involves several steps, including researching past advocacy efforts and identifying audiences and allies. Students then create advocacy messages for a variety of contexts, including a letter to the editor and a video PSA. Examples of past topics include internet access in Appalachia and alcoholic recovery support efforts in Frankfort.

A recent graduate of the Communication Studies program has utilized these skills beyond the classroom.

Upon graduating, Lindsay Volpenhein (Class of 2022) began work with a hunger relief nonprofit in Key West, Florida. When looking at how this course impacted her post-graduation career, she shared, “I found myself constantly looking back on my time in Advocacy and Opposition as my voice began to represent the community we served. Whether recruiting volunteers, encouraging community members to sign up for our programs, or discussing ideas that would further our cause, I know the skills I acquired in Advocacy and Opposition have helped me significantly in my first job after graduation.” No matter their career path, students who complete the Advocacy and Opposition course will be prepared to make a difference in their local communities on the issues that matter to them.

By: Susie Rickert, EKU Communication Studies student

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