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Communication studies is a discipline rather than a specific career path. As such, there is a wide range of jobs students can enter upon graduation. No matter which job graduates choose, they will go into it with confidence in their ability to communicate effectively. A potential career path where this skill is particularly important is Human Resources.

Working in Human Resources

Human resource specialists are typically tasked with recruiting and hiring staff, ensuring effective training of new employees, handling compensation and employee benefits, and supervising employee relations.

Application of Communication Studies

When looking at the skills gained through a communication studies degree, human resources would be a good fit for any graduate. Courses in interviewing and persuasion fit well into the skills required for recruiting and hiring staff. Similarly, courses in conflict management, intercultural communication, and organizational communication are key to handling interactions between employees.

As for compensation and employee benefits, skills in negotiation could be very beneficial. While it can be difficult to choose from the array of careers a degree in communication studies opens you to, it is easy to see that the skills acquired can be applied to any individual career goal. Communication Studies alumni Latrell Floyd (Class of 2017) shared, “The advice I have for any student interested in going into Human Resources is to be yourself and don’t let imposter syndrome scare you. This program gave me all the skills I needed and set me up for success.”

Job Outlook of Human Resources

A human resource department can be found within most businesses. While there is no legal requirement for human resources, it is recommended for any company with ten or more employees. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of human resources specialists is predicted to grow 8% by 2031, which is faster than average. About 81,900 openings are projected for each year in the next decade. It is a job that is always necessary, so finding an open position is easier than it may be in other careers.

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