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As Associate Director of Diverse Student Retention at Eastern Kentucky University, Ashley Offutt knows the critical importance of communication and navigating workplace dynamics. A graduate of the communication studies program at EKU, Ashley also serves as coordinator of the freshmen academy, and is an adjunct professor for African and African American studies.

According to Ashley, the communication studies program helped launch her career. She attributes much of her success to the skills she gained through her program courses in advocacy and opposition, interviewing, organizational communication, and negotiation. These skills have helped her learn the importance of office culture and how to navigate individual differences to create a cohesive workforce.

Much of the work Ashley does in diversity, equity, and inclusion involves advocacy. Studying the nuances of nonverbal communication helps Ashley communicate more effectively by being able to gauge how her body language and tone of voice affects others during conversation. Awareness of her verbal and nonverbal communication are keys to her advocating success.  Ashley emphatically states that mastering verbal and nonverbal communication provides universal skills that will take one anywhere.

Ashley is a true example of an individual who built a career with strong communication skills and passion. She states, “Having a career where your passion and your purpose meet is so important. It allows you to create an overall experience for your life and what you can create.” Communication studies can help anyone create a pathway to career success, cultivating the skills taught in this program can make a dream career a reality.

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