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The Communication Studies program offers many opportunities for career development throughout a student’s time in the major. It is important for students to find their footing in their professional lives before graduating and the courses offered through the communication studies degree program allow this to happen.

Gaining skills for today’s technology-driven and global business environment

A great example of how courses prepare graduates to step into their careers is Applied Organizational Communication Skills (CMS 275). This course plays a significant role in career development, as it helps students hone in on effective communication skills that can be applied to today’s technology-driven and global business environment. Current CMS major Corie Chisley shares, “Before CMS 275, I had never been able to see myself as a business professional. However, after doing things like meeting with someone who works in my dream career, perfecting a LinkedIn page, creating a cover letter and resume for a real job posting, gaining experience from a mock employment interview, and learning about performance reviews, I feel significantly more prepared to enter the professional world. I am less anxious about my job outlook for the future, and I feel confident in my knowledge of the next steps I need to take to secure my dream job after graduation.”

Preparation through hands-on experience

In addition to classroom learning, a practical application of the skills gained in this course can occur even before graduation through a CMS co-op. Students who are employed in a position that relates to their major can earn credit from their work experience. After gaining a thorough understanding of interviewing skills and resume building through CMS 275, students can find themselves a co-op position or be referred to a position by the co-op office. Students are graded on completing an online orientation form, completing a self-assessment, and submitting a timesheet to the co-op office. Having the opportunity to earn upper-division credit while also advancing experience in a related field is a great form of career development that prepares students to achieve their career goals upon graduation.

By: Susie Rickert, EKU Communication Studies student

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