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Week 2

After a fun filled weekend that included a trip to Pisa and a soccer match, EKU Family and Consumer Sciences students embarked on a week filled with beauty and fashion.

They took in the costume gallery at the Palazzo Pitti Museum, which is one of the most comprehensive collections representing the history of fashion in the world. They also had an opportunity to tour Braccialini, a half-century old leather accessories company known for whimsical designs.

Fashion Museum

At the Uffizi, they saw some of the world’s most beautiful art, including Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus.” From there, they photographed the Ponte Vecchio, the bridge that even Hitler loved.

“When [our tour guide, Antonio] told us how Hitler and his people bombed both sides of the bridge but not the bridge because he was so impressed with the view, it blew my mind,” wrote Hayley Johnson.

EKU student Susan Locono beautifully captured the bridge as well. “As I walk to school, I cross the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, and I look out at the Arno River. When the sun is shining, it glistens off the water. The bridges in the distance are spectacular silhouettes,” she wrote.

For most students, the highlight of their study abroad experience was Fashion Week. By special invitation, the students were able to attend several shows in small groups.

 “The first show: Generation Africa. I loved how they used different African patterns for all styles of clothing . . . from causal wear to even a suit and tie,” wrote Kurnisha Jackson. 

A 20-minute, high-impact Adidas sportswear show was one of the group’s favorites. It followed a nontraditional approach to a runway show with triangle formations and triangle-shaped lighting to mimic the company’s logo.

Read about the first week in Florence here, and stay tuned for highlights from the last days of the trip. 

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