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Business has without question changed over the years. There have been developments across functional teams, remote work options, flexible schedules, virtual meetings, and more. Many aspects of our work have changed, but the work is still being done and will continue to be done with more advanced tools and options. The key ingredients of EKU’s MBA program, critical thinking, considering multiple perspectives and needs, and creative problem solving can address the continuous changing landscape in business. The aspects of the work will change, but that makes these components even more important.

The opportunity to earn an EKU Master of Business Administration online is a great service to provide to our region and beyond. The online MBA allows EKU to serve students who because of their location, their life circumstances, or maybe just their personal preferences, need an online format.

What are the career options with an MBA?

The career opportunities for those who earn an MBA are very broad and can be customized to the individual. An MBA is a widely recognized credential that signifies that the holder of the degree has gained business knowledge and skills that are needed for career advancement, whatever that career path may be.

Recent MBA graduates work in many different fields including accounting, marketing, supply chain management, information technology, hospital administration and education. The possibilities are limitless.

What sets EKU’s MBA program apart from other MBAs?

One distinctive feature of EKU’s MBA program is its AACSB Accreditation. AACSB International is the premier accrediting body for business schools. It signifies an independent verification of the quality of the program. EKU is not the only AACSB school that offers an online MBA, but many online MBAs are offered by schools that are not AACSB accredited. Employers know the difference.

Another important distinctive is the flexibility that EKU’s online MBA offers. There is a business core and an integrated capstone, but there is also the opportunity for students to identify a concentration area. This allows EKU Online MBA students to gain business knowledge and skills in addition to taking a deeper dive into an area that fits their career goals and interests.

For example, a current EKU Online MBA student has an undergraduate degree in construction management and has worked a few years with his firm. He is ready to advance and needs an advanced credential. He is completing the MBA business core and taking the opportunity to do some graduate coursework in construction management. This will allow him to be well-prepared to meet his career goals.

The final distinctive of EKU’s MBA program is its faculty. Our MBA faculty are deeply committed to providing a student-focused, high-quality learning experience. They set high standards for themselves, they set high standards for their students, and they are ready to support those students as they meet those high standards. Our MBA students learn valuable business content and skills, and they will gain confidence in their abilities as they rise to the challenges.

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About the Author

Dr. Trish Isaacs serves as Associate Dean for the College of Business at Eastern Kentucky University. She has taught accounting courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for many years. In recent years, her work in higher education has been primarily in administrative roles.

A two-time alumna of Eastern Kentucky University, Dr. Isaacs earned a BBA in Accounting and an MBA while at EKU. She then earned her PhD in Accounting from the University of Kentucky. After her doctoral studies, Dr. Isaacs joined Berea College as a faculty member. There she taught accounting for 22 years, serving as Department Chair during her last nine years. Dr. Isaacs then returned to her alma mater, where her primary teaching focus was income tax. During her first year at EKU, she developed a service-learning course that offered a voluntary income tax assistance program for lower income taxpayers. Though Dr. Isaacs has moved on to administrative roles, that program continues today.

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