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Why did you purchase that candy bar at the checkout? Why are you so loyal to certain brands over others? Do your age, gender, finances, or societal views have anything to do with it? The subject area of consumer behavior would argue — yes!

Consumer behavior works to determine why we, as consumers, make the purchasing decisions we do. This field blends marketing and psychology to attempt to decipher consumer behavior from the social, personal, and psychological viewpoint. This analysis enables marketers to make more informed decisions as to how to effectively market their product or service to consumers.

EKU recognizes the importance of an interdisciplinary approach, combining knowledge derived from social sciences to better explain business. Which is why we offer a course, MKT 350 Consumer Behavior, entirely dedicated to getting to the bottom of these questions in our 100% online marketing bachelor’s degree. Explore interesting topics such as how brand loyalty is impacted by age, optimal times for businesses to ask for feedback, and the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements. This course gives concepts, explanations, and theories to what we see happening around us every day, including providing explanation for our own behavior as consumers.

MKT 350 is just one of many courses available to those pursuing an online marketing degree from EKU. Other courses include Digital Marketing (learn how social media, email, the Internet, and search engines drive marketing) and International Marketing (learn about how marketing efforts vary across culture and are impacted by cultural norms).

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