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Eastern Kentucky University’s homeland security program recently hosted its 9th annual undergraduate research showcase. During the showcase, the program hosted guest speakers and students shared their original research projects. Laura Kuyat, an online homeland security student from Eubank, KY was one of the students who shared her research project. She developed a poster to share information about the role of social media in disasters. Research Highlights the Use of Social...
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Career Development in Communication Studies
Kaisee Riddell graduated from EKU in 2019 with dual degrees in communication studies and political science. She went on to get her Master of Public Affairs (MPA) from Indiana University in 2021 and now works as a Management and Program Analyst at the United States Department of Transportation, Office of Inspector General (DOT OIG).
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English Language Learners Education
Research shows that more than 4 % of Kentucky’s public-school population consists of English Language Learners (ELL) and that number increases every year. ELLs are considered a linguistically diverse population because they are exposed to a language other than English on a daily basis. However, their level of proficiency in that language might vary substantially. Due to the increasing number of ELLs in public schools it has become more essential...
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Technology Classrooms
K-12 students improve academically and become more motivated when they are interested in and engaged with the learning material. Educational technologies can be great tools for creating these much-needed interactive learning environments because they encourage students’ active participation and provide easy-to-access information. Technology also enables individualized instruction and immediate and effective feedback while providing personalized learning opportunities for diverse learners.
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Public Administration HRM Human Resource Management
One of the remarkable things about getting a master of public administration (MPA) degree is the number of courses students will take that can have an immediate impact on enhancing their marketability by increasing knowledge, skills, and abilities. Classes that fit this bill include, public financial management, public policy analysis, human resource management (HRM), and grant writing and strategic planning.
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Fire Protection & Safety Engineering Technology
Fire protection engineers also called fire safety engineers, tend to be jacks of all trades. They must be knowledgeable about several types of engineering, such as civil, mechanical, and electrical, in order to be effective.
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instructional design
The first disruption we will examine is the ID - Subject Matter Expert (SME) relationship. A successful ID-SME relationship is essential for creating compelling and engaging learning experiences. This process typically involves several stages with both professionals working together to ensure the instructional material is accurate, relevant, and pedagogically sound.
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social work
A recent survey indicates that there are more than 400,000 children across America living in the foster care system. Many states are facing a significant foster care shortage. For example, as a result of the pandemic Alaska’s licensed foster care homes dropped from nearly 1,100 down to 650 licensed homes with over 3,000 children in need of placement.
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