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Camille Skubik-Peplaski Occupational Therapy
Camille Skubik-Peplaski is a champion for learning. She believes in accessibility and taking an active part in her student’s educational experience. She goes above and beyond to ensure her online students have just as much opportunity to interact and build a relationship with her as their on-campus counterparts. Skubik-Peplaski’s personal attention and dedication to helping students learn makes her a particular point of pride on EKU’s campuses, both in-person and...
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Science Education MAED
Science teachers at all levels are in a position to deliver exciting and engaging learning opportunities for students. This includes anything from building things through engineering challenges, observing plants and animals in their natural habitat, performing laboratory investigations, to participating in a dissection while learning about body systems. Science is everywhere!
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Communication Studies
Majoring in communication studies, requires students to complete 39 hours of communication studies classes. Communication studies courses prepare students for a variety of career opportunities. Listed below are just some of the career paths possible with a communication studies degree and the courses that teach fundamental aspects of those fields.
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Regan Paige Business
Regan Paige is a student at Eastern Kentucky University pursuing her bachelor’s of business administration in management online. She currently works as an AP Analyst at Beam Suntory.  She recently shared her thoughts about her EKU Online experience.
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Public Sector MPA
Students in EKU’s master of public administration program are introduced to a number of important concepts and fundamental theories that public administrators use in their day-to-day career. One of the more interesting theories presented during the program is the fundamental difference between public sector administration, and private sector administration as defined within many of the courses experienced during the program.
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Angela Short EKU Online Political Science Graduate
Angela Short graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science from Eastern Kentucky University. She works as a Judicial Support Specialist for the Kentucky Court of Justice. She completed her degree online and recently shared her thoughts about her EKU Online experience.
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Whitney Cox graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s of elementary education and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Education in middle grades science from EKU online. Whitney is a first-grade teacher at Corbin primary school. She recently shared her thoughts about her EKU Online experience.
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Distraught woman with head in hands
The social work profession is one of compassion, understanding, empathy, and communication. Social workers across the globe carry these traits, as well as a passion for improving the quality of life for many underserved individuals in countless communities. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) outlines several core values in the Code of Ethics, but the one that resonates with me, and most anyone who is pursuing social work as...
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