Homeland Security
Eastern Kentucky University’s homeland security program recently hosted its 9th annual undergraduate research showcase. During the showcase, the program hosted guest speakers and students shared their original research projects.
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Career Development in Communication Studies
Kaisee Riddell graduated from EKU in 2019 with dual degrees in communication studies and political science. She went on to get her Master of Public Affairs (MPA) from Indiana University in 2021 and now works as a Management and Program Analyst at the United States Department of Transportation, Office of Inspector General (DOT OIG).
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Elementary education teacher with class of students
It wasn’t that long ago that conservative governmental leaders in Kentucky were complaining that the state was preparing too many people to become teachers. This wrongheaded political argument was really a pretext for reducing state spending to justify tax cuts - mostly benefitting the wealthy. In the New York Times, Paul Krugman likened the efforts...
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Paige Caudill EKU Online Student
Sarah Kelly graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies. Sarah is currently a student services program coordinator for the University of Louisville. She completed her bachelor’s degree online and recently shared her thoughts about her EKU Online experience.
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sports management esports
One of the first courses sport management students enroll in at EKU is “Sports in American Society”. In this course we take an in-depth look at how sport, and the discussion around sport, has evolved over the years. One of the first assignments in the class is answering the question, “What is sport?” Students have...
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psychological safety of teams
Psychological safety can be defined as the “belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes.” Clearly, no one sets out to appear incompetent in the eyes of their boss or co-workers. As a result, workers often avoid asking questions, voicing concerns, admitting to weaknesses, or...
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social work child abuse prevention
According to the Children’s Bureau, in 2020, roughly 2 million children received prevention services, and approximately 1.2 million children received post-response services (CMD, n.d.). Unfortunately, this data only includes state and local Child Protective Service Agencies. We can assume that these numbers could be much higher if we also had data from community-based agencies.
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international student psychology
Manvier Uppal lives in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada and is a student in Eastern Kentucky University’s online master of science in industrial organizational psychology program. After completing his undergraduate degree in psychology, Uppal decided he did not want to pursue the traditional psychology pathway. Industrial organizational (IO) psychology stood out as he began researching alternatives.
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J. Molina occupational therapy
Gaile Ebony Seay graduated from EKU Online’s OTD program in December 2021. While a student in the program, Seay also authored two books designed to help children practice handwriting while learning about Black history and historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Her books, “The Black History ABCs: Handwriting 101” and “The HBCU ABCs: Cursive 101”...
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homeland security misinformation
Most people have probably noticed someone on social media promoting a false or misleading post, headline or theory. Although sometimes an individual does this with malicious intent, it is often that an individual promotes false or misleading information due to their inability to identify what is true on the Internet and what is not. This...
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