May 2019

Scholarship Winner Succeeds with Paramedic Degree and Experience

Ryan Kirk is the first undergraduate recipient of the EKU Omega Nu Lambda scholarship, which recognizes academic and community achievement. He is earning a bachelor’s degree in emergency medical care with a concentration in emergency services administration.

Spring Greetings from the Program Coordinator

To paraphrase Alexander Pope’s line in his poem, “Spring hopes eternal.” We are closing in on our first year… We will be graduating our some of our first graduates!

The importance of financial planning: life insurance

Financial stability is an unrealized ideal for many American families. The costs of living continue to rise and if you have, or plan to have children, those costs will just continue to skyrocket.

However large or small your family may be, setting up a financial safety net is critical to ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of in the event something happens to you.