October 2013

Student Spotlight: Ashley Taylor

EKU Online MSN Family Nurse Practitioner Program Student

Other nurse practitioner's had only positive comments about EKU's FNP students, and highly recommended it over my other options.

Student Spotlight: Tammy K. Dowell

"I did my undergrad at EKU's Corbin campus where I meet some awesome instructors, Peggy McGuire, Connie Hodge and Peggy Petrilli. After that EKU was the place for me. My online degree is in teacher leadership so with any luck, I will be a principal someday."

—Tammy K. Dowell, Education (Crab Orchard, KY)

Student Spotlight: Cherie Martin

Cherie Martin online psychology degree program student

Cherie Martin, Psychology (Stanford, KY)

Student Spotlight: Tiffany Roberts

The staff are all very helpful. You are dealing with people who want to see you succeed and are genuinely happy for you when you do.

Student Spotlight: Chemeka Rene Johnson

Chemeka Rene Johnson, Library Science (Louisville, KY)

Student Spotlight: Kristi Lee Gilreath

Online programs are WONDERFUL! It gives everyone the option to go to college no matter what.

—Kristi Lee Gilreath, Police Studies (Strunk, KY)

Student Spotlight: Edward Tamulevich

"I transferred to Eastern because the program here is so much more in-depth and well-tuned compared to my old university. I love the switch and have not looked back! The HLS program at EKU is exactly what I was looking for!"

—Edward Tamulevich, Homeland Security (Richmond, KY)

Student Spotlight: Christian Toelke

I began my college experience as an on-campus student but needed more flexibility for work, my courses and studying. I made the decision to enroll in the online program and found the program to be very beneficial. I am now able to successfully juggle my course load, employment, and family time.

Student Spotlight: Torshanda Farlow

Torshanda Farlow Online Degree Programs Student

"There is a great support group with the advisors to help keep you on track and guide you in the best way possible."

Student Spotlight: Jennifer Mullen

Online Occupational Safety student Jennifer Mullen

"Everything is user-friendly and the support is always there. I am able to be a mom, student and worker and still be successful!"

Student Spotlight: Alice Peele

EKU Online paralegal degree student Alice Peele

"I like the flexible schedule."

—Alice Peele, Paralegal Science (Windsor, NC)

Student Spotlight: Larry D Johnson

Larry D Johnson
Larry D Johnson, Occupational Safety (Louisville, KY)

What do you like about the program?

Student Spotlight: Ruby Angelina Bishop

Ruby Angelina Bishop MSN-FNP Student
Ruby Angelina Bishop, MSN-FNP Student (Brodhead, KY)

What do you like about the program?

Student Spotlight: Warren Chappell

Warren Chappell Fire Protection Engineering Technology

"For me what sets this program apart is the advisors and their help to get things started and progressing smoothly. I look forward to completing the degree and finally getting to visit the campus for graduation."

Student Spotlight: Jamie Biddle

Jamie Biddle

"I never thought an online program would make such a difference in my life, but it has. I have made so many friends and memories in the last year and cannot wait to make more."

Student Spotlight: Robert Dufault

Robert L Dufault

"This degree and the required classes will help me become the best fire investigator I can be for myself and my community."

Student Spotlight: Tiffani Carrol Maggard

Tiffani Carrol Maggard Student in Online Psychology Degrees Program

Tiffani Carrol Maggard, Psychology (Burnside, KY)

Student Spotlight: Carolena Rose Lamb

Carolena Rose Lamb, EKU Online Corrections & Juvenile Justice Studies Program

"I have enjoyed my classes. The teachers are great. The courses are easy to access, and the format is easy to understand."

Student Spotlight: Amanda Feltner

Amanda Feltner, EKU Online Psychology Program

"I have had an outstanding experience in EKU's online program. I get the same education that I would receive in a classroom, but around my schedule. I love it!"

Student Spotlight: Tina Marie Clift

EKU Online MSN degree Program student Tina Marie Clift

"The instructors are there for you when you need them."

Student Spotlight: Christie Bowlin

Online Library Science Degree Student Christie Bowlin

"I have taken online classes from other universities and this program is by far the most user friendly."