June 8, 2023


MPA Community Development
Community development is more than economic development or infrastructure. It’s educational improvement. It’s housing. It’s community events and culture. It’s the land and natural resources.
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Health Information Management Association
The Kentucky Health Information Management Association (KHIMA) is a nonprofit healthcare professional organization representing thousands of credentialed professionals in the commonwealth. It is committed to protecting patient confidentiality and maintaining valid and accurate health data that drives the healthcare industry.
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Social Work is more than just Child Protective Services
The social work profession dates to the late 19th century and was established “to ensure that immigrants and other vulnerable people gained tools and skills to escape economic and social poverty.” (National Association of Social Workers – NASW). Since then, the social work profession has transformed itself into a multi-faceted field with a variety of...
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Impact of AI On Instructional Design
Artificial Intelligence is poised to disrupt many professions, including instructional or learning design. As Instructional Designers (ID), we must be ready to face this disruption and quickly adapt to the impending changes already present.
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