February 28, 2023


Matthew L. Howell Government
EKU instructor, Matthew Howell, believes in relationship building and taking an active part in his student’s educational experience. He goes above and beyond to ensure his online students have opportunities to interact and engage with him. Howell’s personal attention and dedication to helping students prepare to make their mark in the field makes him a...
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Psychology Work Force
One of the most significant benefits of a degree in psychology is gaining a deeper understanding of human behavior. This understanding can be applied to many different industries, including healthcare, education, business, and social work. Employers value employees who can understand human behavior and apply that knowledge to improve their work.
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Benefits of an MBA
A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a popular choice for individuals seeking to enhance their career prospects and acquire valuable skills and knowledge. Earning an MBA provides numerous benefits, including personal and professional growth, a wider career scope, and an increase in earning potential.
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Business Workplace Conflict
Workplace conflict is an inevitable part of any organization, regardless of its size or industry. However, if not managed properly, conflicts can lead to decreased productivity, low morale, and a toxic work environment. As a manager, it is essential to implement effective strategies for managing workplace conflicts.
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OTD Distinguished Alumni
Dr. Lisa Hiestand was recently recognized as Eastern Kentucky University’s post-professional occupational therapy doctoral distinguished alumni. The distinguished alumni award recognizes a post-professional occupational therapy doctoral graduate that has demonstrated outstanding best practice and leadership to advance the profession. It also acknowledges exemplary clinical leadership demonstrated by applying evidence to their practice. Nominees must meet...
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