May 26, 2022


global hospitality and tourism
The fundamental meaning of hospitality means to make someone feel welcome through entertainment and comfort. The hospitality and tourism industry provides tangible products such as hotel rooms and restaurant foods as well as intangible products such as service and hospitality.
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Donna Colaianni occupational therapy
Donna Colaianni believes in accessibility and taking an active part in her student’s educational experience. She goes above and beyond to ensure her online students have just as much opportunity to interact and build a relationship with her as their on-campus counterparts. Colaianni’s personal attention and dedication to helping students feel connected makes her a...
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Gail Reichert Doctor of Nursing Practice
Gail Reichert is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program. She is the Director of the Women’s Health Care Center for Baptist Health Richmond in Kentucky. Gail completed her program online and recently shared her thoughts about her experience as an EKU Online student.
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instructional design
Although instructional design practitioners usually deal with programs related to training and learning, program evaluation can also encompass large instructional and non-instructional programs, sometimes significantly more extensive than straightforward training programs. Some examples include academic curricula, grant-funded projects, large organizational incentives, business ventures, or entire departments or organizations. Program evaluations can get big rather quickly....
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communication studies
Communication studies as a degree is often misunderstood. It is easy to look at other professions like nursing, journalism, education or accounting and know exactly what your career is going to entail. It comes as no surprise to us that we often hear questions like, “Communication Studies? What is that even?” Communication studies faculty also...
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