April 27, 2022


limited license paraprofessionals llp
A limited licensed paraprofessional (LPP) is an individual who has received a certification to practice a certain type of law, whether that be family law or business law but is not a lawyer. This certification provides nonlawyers the knowledge needed to be able to practice law at an effective level and be competent in court.
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risk management hospitality
The hospitality and tourism industry like other industries, faces the challenge of managing risk and crisis. As an industry that involves human contact and provides services, its vulnerability to risk and crisis is even higher. Since crises occur when least expected, it is important to have a risk management plan establishing the steps to be...
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instructional design technology
Making informed decisions is an essential element in the Instructional Design (ID) toolbox. While many professionals rely on decision-making skills, the knowledge you possess as an ID allows you to design and evaluate meaningful learning experiences.
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health services administration
In February 2020, the Lexington VA Health Care System (LVAHCS) assembled our Incident Command for the first time in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Two years later, we are still meeting to ensure things are running smoothly. I cannot articulate clearly enough the strain that has on a system or organization, especially a health care...
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psychology education
Applied behavior analysis or ABA is a treatment based on behavioral theory that can be used in a variety of settings and with many different ages and groups of people. ABA is often used to increase skills and quality of life of those with autism and other developmental and behavioral differences.
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public administration business meeting
rofessional and scholarly studies on organizations, both public and private. Research consistently demonstrates that workforce and managerial diversity positively contribute to the performance of organizations.
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