December 14, 2021


viewing tablet
Future marketers will have a lot of tools for interacting with consumers and getting their brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace. One of these tools, immersive technology, includes the integration of virtual content with consumers’ physical environment to blur the line between the physical and virtual worlds. Marketers need to be aware of...
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social worker teleconference
By allowing clients to schedule telehealth visits with a social worker outside of normal business hours, agencies are broadening coverage for clients and offering services to those who may not have time to leave work and come into an office setting (Erreger, 2021, p.26).
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pmhnp edumed
The PMHNP program has a history of distinction at EKU, earning national recognition with U.S. News & World Report ranking it among the top 50 best online graduate nursing programs in the country. It has a high certification exam pass rate and prepares students to meet the population’s growing mental health needs in private practice,...
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Kirsta von Hellens
After volunteering with an occupational therapist in the Exceptional Family Members Services in Italy, Kirsta von Hellens was inspired to pursue a career in occupational therapy. She received her bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from Eastern Kentucky University in 2000 and worked as an OT for a school district in northern Kentucky after graduation. She...
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overcoming anxiety
Many social science undergraduate students are required to take a courses in research methods and/or statistics. This is most likely the most dreaded class among students.
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paralegal office desk setting
The Covid-19 pandemic brought telework to center stage in an unprecedented way. Even the legal field, which has historically conducted its business in person and been very resolute in the desire to continue doing so, was not immune. As the pandemic went on, courtrooms were forced to go virtual and eventually showed that it was...
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Student using laptop
When it comes to online/digital learning, the LMS is where much of the work occurs. It is a software system that supports the instructional goals and contains most of the unit activities and experiences. The primary purpose of the LMS is indeed to manage and track these elements in an organized manner, making design, instruction,...
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