November 18, 2021


Christina Buchignani student story
As she began her college career, Christina Buchignani knew she wanted to be part of a helping profession. Her younger brother, Ryan, was born with a disability and she saw first-hand the challenges the world presented, not only for people who needed support, but their families as well. Her mother fought hard for Ryan working...
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Telehealth nurse video
inability to receive proper reimbursement and a profession that has been slow to adopt alternative ways to deliver clinical care. As a result, telehealth has existed on the fringe of standard healthcare practice, used sparingly and only in specific situations
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political map
Every time that census data is released, the task at hand of many individuals across the country is to redesign legislative districts. The process can lead to questions of corruption when districts are drawn to reflect a desired outcome, which is a process known as gerrymandering. This process can be legally done and gotten away...
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social work cultural sensitivity
The way we use language is important and can have a large impact on how we make people feel. We can reinforce negative stereotypes and biases, or we can promote empowerment and individuality. You likely would not want to be introduced only as “the short woman” or “the old man” or “the black person”. That...
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business management finance
Interested in an evolving, burgeoning career field that will provide you with limitless advancement opportunities? Look no further than finance. Beyond being at the center of every major organizations’ success, there are many reasons to be in the finance industry. Here are four reasons why you should major in finance:
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